Peanut Island Park in West Palm Bech

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When most travelers think of heading to West Palm Beach, FL, they dream of whiling away the hours on the sand and splashing about in the clear blue water. Believe it or not, there’s much more to West Palm Beach than the beach.

1. Learn about Florida History at Peanut Island

The jury’s out on whether President John F. Kennedy ever intended to use the 1960s bomb shelter created for him underneath Peanut Island, but its murky history doesn’t deter tourists from exploring the bunker in droves. They’re in no hurry to leave the island at the mouth of Lake Worth Inlet either. This 79-acre isle boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the West Palm Beach area. Camp sites built during a $13 million upgrade in 2005 are perfect for visitors who can’t bear to leave. continue reading…

Check Fluids to Prepare Your Car for Spring

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It’s that time of year again, when the snow melts and the freezing temperatures turn into sunny springtime. While the world around you is going through many changes, so is your car. Gear up your vehicle for the long, sunny drives ahead by checking a few simple things.


Checking your fluids is a vital step in maintaining your car. You’ll want to check your coolant to make sure that your engine doesn’t overheat in the warm seasons. You’ll want to check your antifreeze reservoir, too. Measure your oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluids. By ensuring that all of your fluids are clean and full, your car will be ready to handle the warming temperatures.  continue reading…

Why you shouldn't buy salvaged vehicles.

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You’ve finally found the perfect used car. It’s selling for thousands less than the others, has low mileage and the photos looks good. However, there is a catch, and you notice the car has a salvage title. What does this mean? Likely, it means that the car was in an accident or stolen, and the insurance company declared the vehicle a total loss due to the fact that the repairs would’ve cost more than what the car was worth. Even if the seller assures you that the damage was only cosmetic and not structural, there are a few caveats to consider when purchasing a salvage title car.

Insurance and Financing

It’s a tough hurdle to find an auto insurance company that will fully insure a salvage title car. Not many will write a collision and comprehensive coverage policy for a salvage title car. The reason insurers are hesitant to write a policy is because it’s tough to put a value on these cars. Without an insurance policy on the car, it’s highly unlikely that a lender will provide financing. In this respect, it’s a double whammy. The only way to get around it is to pay cash for the vehicle. continue reading…

How to Wash Your Car

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Depending where you live, your car may get dirtier than cars from cities or suburbs. You make think you’re a seasoned professional at car washing, however, you can damage the paint if you don’t wash your car properly. So, look at these tips to help you do it right.

Pick the Right Time of Day

The best time to wash your car is in the morning right as the sun comes up. This is because the metal of your car is coolest to the touch at this time. Waiting until the afternoon causes your car to be hot, which makes the water and soap dry much more quickly. This can dull your paint and make it take a lot longer to wash your car. In addition, it’s harder work washing your car in the sun. continue reading…

What to do after a fender bender

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a fender bender between a car and an SUV (which results in mismatched bumpers) can cost between $2,995 and $9,867. Though medically speaking, fender benders don’t cause much injury, they can still be very expensive, which means when you get into a fender bender, you’ll want to take the appropriate steps to ensure that the party responsible takes responsibility. Here is a list of tips for what to do if you get into a fender bender.

Pull Over to a Safe Location

Right when the accident happens, keep cool and pull over to a safe location. If you’re on a freeway or highway, pull over to the right side where the shoulder is wider and safer. If you’re on a bridge that has no shoulder, continue forward to the end of the bridge and then pull over, assuming that both vehicles are drivable. Don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights after pulling to the side of the road. continue reading…

Removing Bumperstickers

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A sticker on your car tells a story. It might say that you really don’t like people who tailgate, that you have a great sense of humor, that you’re proud of someone in your family, or that you voted for the guy who lost the last election. Whatever the case, one day it might hit you that you don’t really like that sticker anymore. Trying to rip it off like you would a Band-Aid will frustrate you and leave a mess. Thankfully, though, the process isn’t quite as involved as removing a tattoo. Here is how to cleanly ditch those pesky decals.

Removing Vinyl Decals from Windows Getting rid of a decal on one of your car window is simple. Follow these tips: continue reading…

“Wave you hands in the air and drive like you just don’t care” is the national anthem for rappers and hip-hop artists who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their cars. Whether it’s a lyricist in a low-rider or a rapper in a Rolls Royce, the hip-hop world has some pretty amazing and amazingly expensive rides. Here are 5 of the coolest rapper rides to bust a rhyme and a speed limit.

1. Lamborghini Murcielago


Image via Flickr by Andrew Lawson

Don’t let the name fool you, 50 Cent makes a lot more money than his title suggests. Thanks to his rap empire, 50 Cent drives around in some pretty extravagant cars. The flagship of his fleet is the world-renowned Italian speed-demon that’s sure to send the rapper’s insurance rates through the roof, the Lamborghini Murcielago.

continue reading…

Image via Flickr by Ryan Gsell

Image via Flickr by Ryan Gsell

Some types of car repair definitely require help from an experience professional. But there are plenty of simple car fixes that you can do on your own. The next time you run into one of these problems, follow the instructions to fix them at home. You’ll save some money by avoiding the garage.

#1: Changing Air Filters

It depends on what kind of car you have, but most manufacturers make it very easy for owners to change their air filters. If you ask a mechanic to do the job for you, you’ll probably spend about $20. If you do it yourself, you’ll spend half that.

  • Visit an auto supply store and get the right filter for your car
  • Open the hood and locate the filter box (it should have a big hose sticking out of it that makes it easy to identify)
  • Open the air filter box (probably the hardest part, and even that’s not hard) and remove the filter
  • Inspect the filter to make sure it’s dirty. If not, just put it back. If it is, throw it away and replace it with the new one.

Changing dirty air filters will improve your car’s fuel-efficiency, saving you more money for every mile you drive. It’s definitely worth doing at home. continue reading…

It’s no secret that being tall has its perks, but it also has its pitfalls. Driving can be super uncomfortable, especially on long trips. Here is a list of six cars with the best leg room to try out before you settle for being stuffed.

1. 2013 Cadillac XTS

This super sleek Cadillac offers more than just style. Front leg room gives you up to 45.8 inches of space to stretch out. That’s almost four feet of empty air waiting to be filled. The XTS takes pride in its comfort, luxury, and safety making it perfect for both long and short trips.

2. 2013 Hyundai Azera

This family sedan is larger than most with 45.5 inches of leg room. An impressive interior offers 40.3 inches of head room and 54.6 inches of hip room. Not only is it spacious, but it’s built with power and speed ready to take over any road for any distance.

3. Lincoln Town Car

Not only does this car speak of luxury and class, but it radiates comfort and that means more space for you. The front offers 45.8 inches of leg room that go well with the 57.3 inches of hip room. It also gives spacious head room with 39.3 inches making it one of the roomier cars on the block. continue reading…

Image via Flickr by Qole Tech

Image via Flickr by Qole Tech

Cars have a lot of fun gadgets. The newer the car, the more fun the gadgets are. And they just keep getting better. Here are six top gadgets in car tech.

SuperTooth HD

This Bluetooth car speakerphone links wirelessly with your phone and allows you to conduct hands-free calls while you’re driving. You can also use it to record memos and emails with just your voice. It comes equipped with Twin Speaker V Array technology for amplified audio power, and two speakers with a five watt audio output and a 5.4 watt amplifier. It’s the only audio and recording device you’ll need for your car, and is safe to use while driving.

Cadillac CUE

Another hands-free device you’ll want to check out is the Cadillac CUE. With its combination of a smartphone and tablet, the CUE has voice recognition and responsive touch screen technology. It features a GPS, Doppler weather, Pandora Radio, and can access all of the contacts and songs you have stored on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

You can zoom in close on the map, swipe through your music, and place phone calls. Its proximity-sensing technology detects your hand as it approaches the screen, and pulses to acknowledge your commands, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.


Back pain while driving is a thing of the past thanks to LUMOBack. This gadget notifies you when you lean forward, slouch, or shift to the side, allowing you to return to proper sitting posture and avoid future muscle pains. It coaches you on your posture while you wear it, helping you to improve it. continue reading…